Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pink fizz and cupcakes

What a Wednesday it's been!

Today was Write On Radio show day and I enjoyed my chats with Paul Sorrell and Martha Morseth. I was entirely in charge of the radio station, and managed to get through that without any technical whoopsies, which was good considering if I did stuff up, there would have been deathly silence over the frequency until the station manager returned from lunch. Then again, I did like that sense of power...

My postal courier radar was in fine form and I raced out to the letterbox to find a parcel with my copies of the German edition of Overkill, Ein Harmloser Mord. They are very cool - I can't understand a word of them, but they're cool. Look damn fine in the bookshelf.

Then this evening I got to put on the glad rags and trot off to hear Sarah-Kate Lynch promoting her latest book, On top of everything.

At this point, I should make a confession. I had what one could call a blonde moment yesterday. I got the kids dinner early, got dolled up, and piled us all in the car to get down to Sarah-Kate's do at the University Book Shop at 5.45pm, only problem was that when we pulled up, the University Book Shop looked suspiciously closed, and I had to admit to myself and the kids that maybe I'd made a wee stuff up on the date. Hmmm.

So tonight I got the kids dinner early, got dolled up (deja vu, anyone?) and piled us into the car, and, thank heavens, when we got to the University Book Shop the lights were on, the pink bubbly poured and there was a beautiful array of dainty cupcakes sitting on the book stands. Phew. So I got to meet the glorious Sarah-Kate, did the sycophantic groupie thing and got my book autographed, got to enjoy a glass of fizz and a delicious cupcake (or two).

What more could a girl ask for?

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