Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Good golly, Molly

I know I've had the conversation before about falling in love with inanimate objects, but I can't help it. I love my new computer, Molly rocks. There are so many cool things you can do.

Molly has a built in camera, so we've discovered the Photo Booth function. It's great fun. The kids, especially have had a blast taking photos of themselves doing what kids do best - scary faces, poking out tongues, bunny ears behind each other's heads - you get the picture.

You can also do effects, and I really, and I mean really like the colour pencil effect, because you can take a picture of you, and it's like photoshop overkill - no more wrinkles, and I'm sure it makes you look younger. Oops, I mean, of course I'm young anyway, honest.

Naturally I'm making the most of the functions that relate to what I actually do - write, and the fact that I no longer have to squint at the tiny screen on my laptop has improved workplace conditions immensely. It makes realise how tiring it was peering away at the old one, and although I had the lap-top propped up on a pile of Hubby's business text-books, and had a full size keyboard plugged into it, Molly has improved my posture immensely. The OSH boffins would be very happy.

I love having the ability to display side by side documents, or a document and internet side by side. It is rather handy. Am I gushing? Sorry, the first flush of love, and all.

Then there's the widgets. Sigh. Can a girl ever have too many downloads?


Rachael King said...

Wow saucy. The weird thing with those pics is they take a mirror image.

Joanne Ganley said...

Oooh, very nice.

Bookman Beattie said...

Where did the name Molly come from and what sort of computer is it? I want one!

The Paradoxical Cat said...

What a gorgeous photo!

But sorry to disappoint all those people rushing out to get themselves that software too, Vanda already looked lovely before the special effects!

Your computer is not a miracle worker!


Vanda Symon said...

You're all so lovely!

Molly is an iMac, the beefy one with 20inch screen, brushed aluminium casing, 2.66GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 4 GB of RAM and lots of bells, whistles and widgets. Sigh.

As for the name. She just looked like a Molly. Just like my mother thought I looked like a Vanda.