Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Write On Radio

Tomorrow is Write On Radio day, with the show broadcast live on Toroa Radio 1575 kHz AM Radio at noon.

This, of course, means it's November already, which naturally leads into December, which naturally leads into an almighty panic. Could someone please explain what happened to this year?!

Here's the details of the lovely folk I'll be chatting with.

Paul Sorrell is a writer, editor and photographer who has edited several publications, including Murihiku - The Southland Story. His latest project was to write the recently released Fleur's Place, the book about the popular Moeraki restaurant and its vibrant owner Fleur Sullivan. We'll talk about Fleur's Place, and the art of bringing together chefs, photographers and personalities in a project to create a book.

Martha Morseth is a writer, poet and playwright who has had a collection of poetry published - Staying inside the Lines, as well as Yeah, a book of stories for teenagers, and Let's Hear it for the Winner, a book of three plays. Her new collection of short stories for teenagers, A cut of unreal, has just been released and is a mix of ghost and science fiction stories.
We'll talk about the fun of writing about cutting edge technology and ghosts, and also about seeing her play The Trials and Tribulations of Emily performed on stage last year by St Hilda's Collegiate School.

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