Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Farewell to Narnia

It is with, I confess, some relief that we have finished the childrens' bedtime story reading marathon that was the chronicles of Narnia. As much as I enjoyed that little trot down memory lane, I found it a little tedious done in end on end fashion. Also, as I recall I didn't particularly enjoy The Last Battle the first time around, and didn't this time either. There's just something about Shift. Ugh.

But the important thing was the kids loved it, and insisted on me reading through each book. When I suggested a little change before this one, there was a unanimous 'no way!'

I shall secretly take delight in putting my old Narnia books back on the bookshelf for the next generation...


Kerrie said...

So what are you all reading next Vanda?

Mark Hubbard said...

I've only read the Narnia series once, over thirty years ago. I'm enjoying watching the movies now (although the second one was very 'flat' from the character/acting point of view), but that series was too much like reading the bible anyway, so I won't read it again.

I do, however, re-read the Lord of the Rings trilogy from time to time - the last time 2002. It's the only fantasy I read.

Vanda Symon said...

Hi Kerrie, next on the hit list is George's Secret Key to the Universe, by Lucy & Stephen Hawking. Then after that, perhaps some Redwall series, by Brian Jacques.

Then again, Mark, perhaps The Hobbit needs to be bumped up the bedtime story list.