Thursday, June 18, 2009

My word.

Mr Nine-Year-Old's teacher is into giving homework, and she is most definitely into drumming in grammar - hallelujah!

There are benefits for all in this, and not just to Mr Nine-Year-Old as his poor Mummy has to try and keep up. So when he asks her to explain prepositions, she has to have a good hard think and come up with the goods (or at least know where to sneak a peek at a grammar book without being seen). It's damn good practice for a writer. And I always maintained the only reason I got a university education was so I could at least try and seem clever to my kids. So tonight my memory has been jogged on the adjective, preposition and adverb front, but now I'm feeling a little weary and need a cup of tea and a chockie bikkie to get over it...


DaveB said...

I had the privilege of being able to tell my Form 5 maths teacher that I had never used Algebra since I left school. He came into the shop last year and he actually remembered me (probably a bad thing). He claimed that Algebra and unbalanced equations may not have been used in every day life, but were damn fun! He was an oddball, but nice with it.

One of my english teachers came in and despite her wanting to read some of my material ... I didn't give her any.

I know PaulC met up with one of his english teachers from highschool. I wonder what they would think of his crime novels and his success in the literary pursuits. Or what any writers english teacher would say.

Vanda Symon said...

I haven't run into any of my old teachers - it will be funny the day I do. One of my English teachers was hugely into Shakespeare, the other was a bit of a hippy. They were both great. I'm sure they'd be amused.