Saturday, June 13, 2009

Just in case

It is amazing what you find in the desperate hunt for something else.

In this instance I was searching out my old fencing jacket and pants. I had found all the other gear, foils, mask, glove, plastron, tin tits, but the clothing articles eluded me. They still do.

While I was hunting through some old suitcases, as well as finding articles of clothing I wore when I was pregnant (must learn to get rid of stuff) I found, used as lining in the bottom of the case, an old copy of the Otago Daily Times, dated Thursday November 15 1990.

The headline reads "Hours of terror end." Then "Gunman shot after killing 11 at Aramoana."

Wow, what an amazing find, and fascinating to read about it as reported at the time with photos, maps and diagrams. It also made me feel very sad. My main memory of that day, as I was living in Dunedin at the time was the thrumming sound of helicopters back and forth. I also remember thinking, god, I hope I don't know anyone out there, as although Dunedin is a large city, it's a small town.

In international news, Howe condemned Thatcher, The US planned to test-fire missiles in the Pacific and were meeting opposition, and Ronnie Woods, guitarist for The Rolling Stones had broken both legs after being hit by a car.

What treasures we find when we delve into the depths of the cupboards. I might go and see what else I can find, although the risk to life and limb from potential avalanche of junk is great . If no one hears from me for a few days, assume the worst and send out a search party...


Dave B said...

You never mentioned why you were looking for your old fencing gear?

Dad has video tapes back into the 80's (I believe he bought the first video recorder in the Sth Island from Stan Brehaut in Timaru). And watching the old television ads is always a blast. Especially the drink driving ads, they were far tamer than the ones we have these days.

Vanda Symon said...

Ahhh. Joined a classic fencing club. (ie us old folk who fence for fun and style rather than blood-thirsty competition, then retire to a cafe for lunch...) Had my first session in twenty years this morning and one of the club members was kind enough to give me some brush up tuition so I don't embarrass myself after such a long time. It was great fun and made me realise how much I'd missed the sport. Can hardly walk now!