Sunday, September 21, 2008

Let them eat cake.

We have survived the birthday party of Mr Eight-year old, very soon to be nine-year old. All concerned are tired, but happy.

We went Ten-pin bowling with eight kiddies, then home for a pizza lunch and the obligatory amounts of chippies and sugar.

I can't claim all of the glory for the cake - Mr six-year old baked the cake, I only decorated it, but I think it's rather cool, and perfect for a birthday boy who is nature and conservation mad.

For those not in the know, the little fellow on the cake is a Hoiho, or yellow-eyed penguin, a local of these parts, and a critter that a lot of people are doing a lot of good work to ensure their survival, including The Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust.

Mr Birthday boy and a few of his friends got to dress up as penguins and look intolerably cute while doing their thing for conservation week and the Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust last weekend. They waddled around Dunedin's Octagon handing out information and getting a lot of photos taken with tourists.

So, another party done for another year. Once again I marvel at how the years have flown, and then there's the realisation the next birthday for him will involve double figures! Next I have to deal with Mr Six-year old's party which is a long way away, ie. next year, and he's already planned it, including the menu!

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Hugh Macmillan said...

Oh, well done the kiddies. Fond of a hoiho I am. Part of my attachment to Oamaru, I suspect - I liked this town best of all the places I have lived in the South Island until we found Dunedin.

Sounds like a great birthday theme.