Thursday, September 4, 2008

Time for the Vanda Suit

Tonight I'm leaving, on a jet plane, (well, actually a turbo-prop,) but will be winging my way to Christchurch for The Press Christchurch Writer's Festival.

I get to shrug off the super-mummy suit, and slip on the Vanda Suit. The Vanda suit involves a new top I brought which is way out of my comfort zone, but I thought, heck, if I'm on a panel with male crime writers I may as well look feminine, and if I'm going to be on a stage, I may as well be visible. I had to take a friend along shopping to achieve this feat, otherwise I would have opted for the boring and conservative option. I thought if I mentioned the new top on the blog, then I can't chicken out of wearing it!

So I shall be off-line for a few days while I wallow in the festival, and enjoy a long weekend off-duty. Hubby's on Daddy duty, and I'm on fun duty.


1 comment:

Erin said...

Does that mean you'll have to post a photo of you in the shirt on the panel as the final proof?