Monday, September 22, 2008

The weird and wonderful...

...bits from the news. A day late, courtesy of the birthday party and associated mayhem.

Big-budget poo?

Considering that it costs the police here around $5000.00 to get a DNA analysis done, is this money down the toilet? Brings new meaning to the term poo patrol.

City uses DNA to fight dog poop.

And speaking of being in the poo:

Here's an inventive place to try and throw someone off the scent. Nice idea, but in the end, it stank.

High-speed driver hid in port-a-loo.

And here's another word, or two... can legitamitely use in your writing, now they are recognised as proper English by the Oxford Dictionary of Modern Slang.

Bogans, petrolheads join official slang ranks.

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