Sunday, September 20, 2009


It was party-time in the Symon household yesterday, with a hoard of kids around to celebrate the imminent transition from Mr Nine-Year-Old into Mr Ten-Year-Old. Naturally, such a splendid occasion called for a splendid cake.

Half the reason for having kids is so you get to make flash cakes!


Dave B said...

That is amazing.

I remember looking through cake books when I was kid dreaming of having a cake, only to find out that I didn't like coconut and many of the decorations used it.

Ezri (my oldest) had her 5th yesterday. Disco theme. Stereotypical 5th b'day cake.

link to cake

Anonymous said...

Quite a beautiful cake : ). Welcome, Vanda, to the Crime and Mystery Friendfeed network : ).

The Paradoxical Cat said...

OMG. You really are a domestic deity!

What a fantastic cake! :-)

Claire Beynon said...

Your - or, Mr Ten-Year old's - cake is splendid, Vanda! It made me pang for the days when my own trio of offspring would put in their orders for their birthday cakes. We've moved through cats, tortoises, crocodiles and a hovercraft (to name a few!) to 'I'd love you to make a baked Viennese cheesecake, please, Ma?' All in a day (which is how short childhood seems in retrospect.)

L, C

Anonymous said...

I am heartened by those such as yourself who are a few years younger than moi. The talents of my mother's generation are beginning to reappear, and just as I had put them on the shelf saying to my arthritic fingers "rest you knobbly ones, rest". Lovely, lovely cake too - it looks alive. A memory that your boy will hold forever. I remember my mother's gift to me at his age - a pink hat!

Vanda Symon said...

I love doing the cakes. My Mum always used to make cook cakes for me. I remember in particular a fabulous ginger bread house she made. I'll have to have a go at one of those, perhaps a gingerbread Hogwarts.