Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Write On Radio Show tomorrow

Tomorrow, Wednesday the 9th of September is Write on Radio Show day, which airs live on Toroa Radio 1575 kHz AM in Dunedin or live streamed from the Toroa Radio Website for those of you not blessed enough to live here. Actually this show will be semi-live seeing as my guests had other things like jobs so I had to pre-record these two interviews. On the day I'll be in the studio, playing with the sound board, filling in the gaps with some chat and music, and then reading my book - Collision.

Dr Chris Brickell is a senior lecturer in Gender Studies at The University of Otago and his recent book Mates & Lovers: A History of Gay New Zealand won the Montana Award for Best First Non-Fiction book at the 2009 awards. The book looks at the history of gay men in New Zealand, and we discuss the perception of same sex relationships over the centuries and the impact law and psychiatry had on the lives of men.

Anthony Tedeschi is the Rare Books Librarian at the Dunedin Public Library. The library has had many wonderful collections donated to it over the years, including the McNab Collection, and the AH Reed Collection. We talk about some of the benefactors, and discuss some of the treasures held in our public library.

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