Friday, August 8, 2008

Killing Time

This is the apt title given to the panel of crime writers at The Press Christchurch Writers Festival, in September. I get to supply the estrogen in a panel with British writer Mark Billingham, and Christchurch writer Paul Cleave.

I'm busy reading up on Mark and Paul's work before the festival so I can at least appear to be well informed. Our session is on Friday the 5th of September, from 12.00pm - 1.00pm. It should be a lively session, as I see that Mark Billingham, as well as International Crime writer, also lists Stand-up Comedian on his resume! It just goes to show, not all crime writers are deep, dark, damaged individuals.

The festival line up looks terrific and the International Authors list includes two of my favourites, Kate Atkinson and Kate Mosse (and no, being named Kate isn't a prerequisite for making my favourites list.)

There's a large bevy of Dunedin and Otago writers going up to participate - Maxine Alterio, Brian Turner, Lloyd Spencer Davis, Neville Peat, Alison Ballance, Penelope Todd, and probably more I've missed.

I hear the tickets for Robert Fisk are selling fast, so get yourselves organised and booked in. Take a trip to Christchurch, it will be fun.

Oops, snowing again. I love my heat pump.

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The Paradoxical Cat said...

I'm off to this festival too, not as a participant, but to spectate (somebody has to do it!)

Looking forward to a strong Otago showing. Hope all us Dunedinites are over our norovirus by then (yes I caught it too...)