Monday, August 25, 2008

See this big grin...

...plastered all over my face? Okay, imagine the big grin plastered all over my face. It is there because I am alone, yes, alone. You may be wondering, so what? Well, after weeks of kids home sick with sinus infections and tummy bugs - everyone is at school, Hubby is at work, the Olympics and my obsessive need to watch it is over, and it's just me and the snoring cat.


I have also realised how much I missed my office. Winter has meant, to avoid freezing to death, I shifted camp to the dining room table. That proved to be too distracting a place to get much work done. Too close to the pantry, to many windows to stare out, too much neglected housework to look at. I've been back in the office for a couple of days, and it is so much better, from a writing perspective. Admittedly, with it being six degrees outside, I have the heater blaring, the knee rug on and am soon going to succumb to the turquoise-blue fingerless gloves, but still I can concentrate better.

Perhaps I need a kak butter yellow wall to stare at. Or perhaps it's as simple as because everyone in the house is well, and where they should be, and I don't have to focus on being the all-purpose caregiver, my mind is free to concentrate on writing. Whatever it is, I am thankful, and grinning and finally getting some work done.

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