Thursday, August 7, 2008


When inspiration is being elusive, and the sheer level of mess in the house threatens to overwhelm, I up-books and head down to Nova Cafe, to give said inspiration a caffeine fueled kick in the pants.

Invariably it works, and after this morning's session I've come back home armed with a blue print of where to now for Containment, and the ability to regard the mess with detached disdain. No one ever died of a messy house, did they?

Nova is one of the cafe's Sam Shephard frequents in The Ringmaster. I decided that seeing as she's a real person (well, she seems that way to me) she needed to drink coffee and eat like a real person, so she and her cronies enjoy a number of Dunedin eateries. Of course that necessitated a number of research trips, but I can assure you, that when Sam and Maggie go to Modaks for a cinnamon pinwheel, that yes, they are that good. Ditto the raspberry and coconut cake at The Good Oil (I recommend with cream, not yoghurt though, none of that low-fat rubbish.)

As an author it is my sworn duty not to disappoint my readers, so I shall apply myself, diligently, to the task of finding more good places for Ms Shephard et al to dine.

The sacrifices we make.


Erin said...

Since we know that Sam likes a good glass of wine I look forward to helping you test out some of New Zealand's finest in search of just the right Kiwi flavor.

The Paradoxical Cat said...

Sam would have a great view out the front window of the Carey's Bay Hotel...

And if you ever decide to have future murder victims wash up on beaches rather than on river banks, then can I recommend one of the extremely well located cafes on the esplanade at St Clair?

Vanda Symon said...

I believe the pizza is very good at th Esplanade Restaurant. Might have to test them out.

Hanan said...

How about you have Sam (or yourself) dine at the soon to be built (in October) Swell Cafe directly on the Esplanade! guaranteed best views in St Clair! free coffees if you do, ask for Hanan. By the way, great books! i love your writing style, New Zealand fiction needs more down-to-earth females like Sam, and most probably yourself to! Well done.