Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Line-up

Only a few weeks to go until The Press Christchurch Writers Festival.

I can't wait.

Apart from the gratuitous self-promotion and shameless hob-knobbing with the literati, it means I get to flick off my Wonder-mum suit, don the Vanda-woman suit for an hour, and then slouch into my plain ole Vanda-suit for the rest of the time. Excellent!

Panelists on the Killing Time session are Mark Billingham and Paul Cleave. Both have excellent websites to check out. I particularly like the little chalk men on Paul's.

I'm reading Mark Billingham's Death Message, a novel in his DI Tom Thorne series, and am towards the finish and can feel it building up to something big.

Then it will be on to Paul Cleave's Cemetery Lake.

So many books, so little time, oh, and that's right, I'm supposed to be writing my own novel sometime in there too. Might have more luck on that front when I'm not being nurse to the sick kiddies.

The Olympics aren't helping either.


Fifi Colston said...

enjoy the Vanda suit- all versions-and have a great time at the festival! We get few 'free lunches' in our profession, so it is necessary to eat drink and be merry (yakking lots) when they happen.
cheers Fifi

Vanda Symon said...

I intend to make the most!

Peter Rozovsky said...

"... shameless hob-knobbing with the literati..."

You are one of the literati now.
Detectives Beyond Borders
"Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"