Friday, September 4, 2009

Phew, what a week.

I've been off the radar a bit this week, courtesy of having so many things on - it's been a hellova busy one, so it was with great relief and delight we marked the end of it and cracked open a yummy riesling and enjoyed a takeaway curry for dinner.

So what have I been up to?

Three talks this week, including the big one this afternoon where I was invited to be the final keynote speaker for the Otago University General Staff Conference. It was the first time I had done a talk with a power point display, so I was a bit nervous about the timing and the technology, but everything worked like a charm and the audience seemed to enjoy the talk. They even served ice-cream afterward!

This morning I was busy pre-recording 2 interviews for next week's radio show. So I'd spent the week furiously reading books and preparing for that. I prefer to do the radio show live, but when guests work and have annoying things like jobs and lives, sometimes I need to record segments earlier. Both the interviews with Chris Brickell, author of Mates & Lovers: A History of Gay New Zealand, and with Anthony Tedeschi, the rare books librarian at the Dunedin City Libraries went very well.

I had my last ever PTA meeting at school - yes, I've finally managed to flick off being the Chair of the PTA and am going to retire gracefully and leave the incoming PTA chair unencumbered by the presence of the ex, as it were. I've really enjoyed doing the job, but oh, what a relief to be able to pass it on!

Then there was the worrying about Google thing.

Amongst all that were the usuals, you know, keeping up with a hubby and two busy boys and keeping the home front under control as well as writing the next novel and doing other researchy stuff. No wonder I feel a little, er, stuffed.

Speaking of research things, if anyone out there knows what kind of attire a woman would have fenced in around 1760, please let me know! I'm thinking if any of them were gauche or unladylike enough to play with swords they would have worn something similar to the riding attire of the day. And why do I need to know this? Well, that's something for another post...


DaveB said...

"Then there was the worrying about Google thing"

What was that about?

Did I miss a post?

Vanda Symon said...

The Google Book Digitisation settlement Dave, where have you been! Check out some of the posts on Beattie's Book Blog for all the confusion and angst.