Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dead end

Okay, it's not very often I cannot bear to finish a book, but I'm afraid it has happened. And after holding such hopes for a good un.

Patricia Cornwell's Book of the Dead just hasn't done it for me, in fact I will go as far to say it annoyed me intensely, to the point I couldn't carry on. Which is a shame, and a waste of money on what is for others is I'm sure, a perfectly good book. I managed a quarter of it before deciding life was too short, and closing the chapter on Kay, Benton, Marino, Lucy et al.

Thank you to those who informed me that yes, I had picked up the wrong one, and the Cornwell book that is supposed to be terrific is Scarpetta. I'll need to wait a bit before I invest more money and time in it, as I'm a little wary after this last effort.

So here we are at the end of January, and I haven't got a single entry in my Books I've Read notebook (a new notebook - black with overlapping and intersecting embossed circles - lovely, thanks April) Do other people record the ones they couldn't stand and couldn't finish?

We're off to Naseby for a last hurrah before the kids start school next week so there will be silence on Overkill for a few days. There's almost no cell phone reception over there, let alone internet capabilities, so I shall have to make do with the next novel to read, the manuscript to edit, sunscreen (optimist), bikes and boardgames with the kids and plenty of Sav Blanc.

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