Sunday, January 11, 2009

Under the Christmas Tree

Christmas isn't Christmas without books. Every year I hold my breath while whoever is wearing the red hat and playing Santa hands out the gifts and I pray something book shaped will be delivered. Lucky me - several book shapes were delivered.

I didn't receive and crime fiction this year, but did get a great looking crime non-fiction book from my understanding Hubby. Murder, Mayhem and Mischief, by Graham Bell. Graham was a high profile police officer before his retirement and also presenter of the crime busting police show Police Ten 7. This books tells of his career, some of the characters, high profile cases, frustrations and everyday life in the New Zealand police force. This should be a very useful book for a gal like me.

It was also a cook book Christmas, with three new additions to the kitchen shelf:

Jo Seager: The Cook School Recipes. We'd been coveting this one in the book shops before Christmas, so were delighted to be gifted it. Only trouble with being on holiday has been we haven't had the chance to test drive any of the recipes. I plan to remedy that soon.

Molto Italiano by Mario Batali. We loved watching Mario 's television show where he visited Italian restaurants and food artisans in America. So Hubby gave me this book which looks just scrumptious. I have salivated over the pages, and look forward to dining Italiano style soon.

And coincidentally, I gave Hubby Mario Batali Italian Grill, seeing as he is king of the BBQ - Hubby, as well as Mario. We will be eating well!

We're going to need a bigger kitchen bookshelf.


Law and Order said...

Hi Vanda,
Please check out my blog. Thanks.

Claire Beynon said...

HI Vanda - welcome home. Your holiday sounded full and fun and all the things a healthy family holiday is meant to be! I loved the list of train actiivitis... Hope your year is off an unhurried, unflurried start. L, C