Monday, January 19, 2009

Retail therapy

Christmas book vouchers + University Book Shop = Happy Vanda

Two new titles added to the bedside table high rise sculpture today are:

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, by Stieg Larsson

Bookman Beattie and others keep telling me I must read this, so I shall be obedient for once in my life. I have read so many great reviews, and being the type of gal who is easily swayed by popular opinion, I felt it my duty to read it and form my own view.

The Janissary Tree, by Jason Goodwin

This title has been lurking in my Books of Interest notebook (a black notebook with a stylish paua shell koru inlay) I spotted it on the shelf and it kind of jumped into my hand.

I had wanted to get Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith, so I could read it and see what a crime writer needs to do to get nominated for a Booker, but UBS were out of stock, so I've placed an order. I'll have to wait a bit before I can discover his secret.


Anonymous said...

You'll be "thrilled" to know that we've stopped talking about The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - mostly because the 2nd book is out now - The Girl Who Played with Fire :) :)

But I'll be interested to see what you think of the book - some people have raved / others have been a little disappointed.

Vanda Symon said...

It just goes to show how far behind the times I am!

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling - just when I think I'm catching up - all these books get released and I have a minor panic attack.

Incidentally - I hope you like Child 44 - I liked the book, but the campaign that went along with it was profoundly startling.