Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Retail therapy - the sequel

My name is Vanda - I am a stationery-o-holic.

Today I fell off the wagon.

I looooove back to school stationery time. When the retailers have price wars and you can pick up your year's worth of goodies for ridiculously little dosh, I enjoy doing a stationery crawl around the town. In fact, I'm sure we pay less now than when I was a kid at school. I can remember my mum shuddering each year when the stationery requirements list came home from school, and her wondering which body organ she'd need to sell to fund it. I can even recall the horror at a $14.00 school stationery bill from high school. I could get a heck of a lot for that now.

Amongst today's purchases were ten of those large manilla art folios. I need them to tame the piles of newspaper clippings and magazine articles that have been accumulating. What do other people do to restore order to their newspaper articles? If anyone has some handy hints on coping with them all, please enlighten me!

I also got a cool lava lamp ruler, because every girl needs one of them.


Anonymous said...

Whats a lava lamp ruler? I need to know just in case I really need one too. I'm partial to file boxes myself.


Law and Order said...

I use the Eco Scrapbook to put my clippings in, usually magazine articles of note. I like that it's made from recycled paper. I also use them as photo albums - nice'n'cheap and simple, and just as gorgeous to flick through.

Vanda Symon said...

Ah, Melinda, a lava lamp ruler is really cool. Standard ruler shape, just thicker with the gooey stuff in the middle that makes endless fascinating shapes as it travels in balls and blops from the top to the bottom.

I thought of using scrap books Joanne, but I have so many cuttings, it was a bit unworkable. Of course I could get brutal and cull out some of the clippings, or not!

Erin said...

I'm glad you're working on your 12 step recovery program. I know that I continue to send you cruel emails w/ tempting offers... I have no plans of curbing my addiction!

Mary McCallum said...

ditsprClear files for clippings - cut out and slide in the second you get it. Voila (as they say in Canada).