Friday, January 23, 2009

Is she back from the dead?

Patricia Cornwell was one of the writers who fueled my love of crime fiction. It started with her first book, Post Mortem, way back in 1990. I had a science background, with a degree in Pharmacy and was fascinated by the science behind the forensics, this book combined all the things I loved and characters who captured my imagination. I was faithful in buying each new Scarpetta title for quite some time before I eventually grew to feel she was beginning to lose her edge and my interest wavered.

A while back I decided to give her another shot and read Predator, and was quite disappointed. That book seemed to confirm my belief Cornwell had become tired with Kay Scarpetta et al.

But lately I seem to have had all these comments from people, have you read the latest Scarpetta? It's great, she's back to her best. And when my publisher was busy gushing about it when we were chatting on the phone, and saying I must read it, I thought, hmmm maybe I'll have another shot at her after all.

It just so happened I was in the University Book Shop today (go figure) and I just so happened to see a copy of Patricia Cornwell's Book of the Dead, and it just so happened to jump into my hand and find its way, with my wallet to the counter. I just so happen to find myself feeling quite excited by the idea Patricial Cornwell is back to her best. In fact I'd give a big three cheers and a good on ya, gal to her if I find the book unputdownable.

I'll give you my post mortem of it later...

A post script - I'm now thinking did I buy the right book, or was it Scarpetta everyone was talking about?! Do I have to go and buy another?

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