Monday, April 6, 2009

And yes, I tidied it.

After seeing the pictures on Writers' rooms I felt inspired to post a picture of where I work from. After seeing a few of the authors' offices I didn't feel so bad about the mess in mine, in fact, mine looked positively minimalistic compared to some.

The pictures of boats in various states of distress are research for Containment. I'm particularly fond of the Prince of Tokyo pictures on the left hand side as they are a bit of an up-yours to a Port of Otago person who told me they never had any shipping accidents at Otago and never lost containers - yeah, right.

I like dragonflies, and have the coolest dragonfly personalised stationery. I also like postcards, and on the wall on the right you can't see are several more, including the lovely new Katherine Mansfield Society postcard sent to me by Aspiring Writer. There are also old style botanical pictures and pictures of bugs - I love bugs.

My nick-nack tray is full of bits sent by friends over the years, including a personal apprentice robot and a stress buster. There is also a cool Penguin Books miniature cup with Sweet Danger by Margery Allingham that I picked up at the kids' school fair. I wonder if they ever did a Ngaio Marsh one?

You'll notice I write facing the wall and have no windows to look out. That's by choice. Hubby has the desk near the window. If I had one, I'd spend the day staring out of it. Also it would be too glarey. In saying that, I fantasise about having an office looking out over the sea, or with a view to or opening out into bush. But I will have to sell a hell of a lot more books before we can afford to indulge that fantasy...Better get back to work then, hadn't I.


Jen said...

You're in Dunedin? As am i :)

Tania Roxborogh said...

Noooo. I have to see light, sunshine, greenery. Spent a weekend in a 'funky ' hotel in chch which had NO external light. I CRAVED light.

My view is rose bushes, garden, hubby playing with dogs. I can do that. It pleases my soul.

Kerrie said...

I don't understand why my desk gets away from me! And book piles have a habit of multiplying.

Vanda Symon said...

Thanks for your visit PLP. Enjoyed looking at your blog and all your thrifting. Where are you opening your store?

Your office is lovely Tania, and if I had that to look out at, I would too, but all I would have is a hedge and a few neighbours houses.

And Kerrie, that proliferating nature of book piles is one of life's mysteries, along with how the whole household's stuff ends up on my desk!