Wednesday, April 1, 2009

When life imitates art

Sometimes being a writer has its freaky moments.

You are busy writing a dramatic passage, and you're thinking this could never happen in real life, it's too far out. But then, down the track, little things start to occur, fall into place and you're left feeling a bit nervy.

Elephants. They're big, mysterious and get people quite riled up. There has been a bit of a stir happening locally with respect to an elephant. In fact the said elephant has just been banned from Dunedin (ODT article). I had a blog comment from In Real Time asking if The Ringmaster was the reason for this.

The Ringmaster, as those who have read it know, involves quite a scene with a circus elephant.

In The Ringmaster there is a circus in town with an elephant.

In the news, there is a circus visiting Dunedin this Easter with an elephant.

In The Ringmaster the circus is set up at The Oval.

At Easter the circus will be at The Oval

In The Ringmaster the animal rights activists get a bit feral.

In the news the animal righs activists have been lobbying local government to have the elephant banned and are planning protests.

In The Ringmaster it all goes a bit pear-shaped.

Please let this be where the similarities end!

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The Paradoxical Cat said...

Fortunately it looks like there'll be no opportunity for a real-life spoiler

The authorities have decided to ban the elephant:

Jolly good thing too, I would have been happy to join the protesters trying to get the elephant into a better environment.

But then circuses have always creeped me out (and your novel didn't help!) ;-)

Hey Vanda, where has your word verification gone? I always enjoyed seeing what the "word" was...