Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Fortunate night

Hubby and I got to enjoy one of those rare events, an evening out without the kids. Even better, it was an evening out at the theatre, The Fortune Theatre, to enjoy the gala opening of their performance of Jane Austin's Emma. Actually it was a play of a play of Emma, where five young folk in 1820 decide to entertain themselves in the attic by performing the book Emma. The adaptation was written by Michael Fry, and directed by Lisa Warrington.

As there are only five of them, three ladies and two gentlemen, and there are a whole lot more characters in the book, they get to multi-task, with hilarious results. The show was very clever and a fun adaptation. It was a most enjyable outing, although I have to say the first half was a little too long, but the Brandy-snap icecream at intermission made up for that.

I am always in awe of actors in the theatre - for somone like me with the memory span of a gnat I find it amazing that actors are able to remember everything they are supposed to say and do, perform it, hold an audience enthralled for a few hours, and have fun in the process. They looked like they were having a ball. All of the actors were fabulous, and captivating and I highly recommend getting your glad-rags on and getting out to see it.

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