Thursday, April 16, 2009

Killing on contact

One of the fun little reference books I have acquired is Forensics and Fiction by D.P.Lyle. I like to open the pages randomly and see what strange question some crime writer has posed.

Today I flicked open to this one - posed by Maggie King of Richmond Virginia.

"Could my character use cyanide added to a contact lens solution to kill anther character?"

And the short answer was...yes. Although the poisoner would have to be very careful they wouldn't knock themselves off in the process of contaminating the solution.

My reservation with this method is, seeing as it is a very quick way to die, that the victim would most likely be found in the bathroom, with the bathroom stuff and contact lens solution around them, and probably only one lens in their eye, so the first thing the SOCOs would look at was...

So there you go. Grizzly way to knock some one off du jour.

Aren't you glad you don't live under the same roof as me?!

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