Thursday, April 9, 2009


After having had a quote of the week that hadn't changed in four months, I decided it was time to give it the flick. It was annoying me.

Seeing as I was messing around with the side thingies (I'm such a technical girl) I've added a section with writers I know who have websites as well as blogs. And if there are any of my writer friends out there who are feeling slighted and are ready to strike me viciously off their Christmas card lists because I've left them off, just email me and I'll add it. It's the last day of term, a long and busy term and my brain is fried, so I'm bound to have missed someone!

Some of the websites are amazing and I'd especially recommend you visit Claire Beynon's website, as it is gorgeous.

The school holidays are upon us - thank heavens, and we have friends arriving to stay for Easter (I have to find the spare bedroom under all the piles of cra....gear)

The boy's have given me their wish list of things to do in the holidays which include the usual suspects - visit the museum and art gallery, Chinese garden, go to the beach. (Yes, I know it's winter, doesn't seem to stop em) They have also put on it to make pasta, make hot cross buns, do some paintings on canvas and make the model aeroplanes they got for Christmas.

School holidays...busy happy days, lazy starts, kids around to play, lots of baking.



Mary McCallum said...

sounds lovely Vanda - I enjoy the glimpses into life with your boys - they are lucky to have you for a mother

Tania Roxborogh said...

Thanks for the referral. Am getting hits all over the world. Have tidied writing space (and Jo has taken some great photos) to send to Bookman Beattie, written a wicked prologue and the first chapter of the next book, played with the dogs, cleaned the kitchen and the cupboards and the bathroom and found the missing sock.

Tomorrow, after church, will venture into the 16 year old's room to do a spring clean (with her permission - she's at Easter camp with her sister so hubby and I are enjoying children free house).

Love the joy of not fulltime teaching - able to stay in my pjs till midday and eat toast and not have my life dictated to by bells and meetings.

Wanna have your life but love mine as well. Yay for variety.

BTW - can I steal you piano analogy? I love it and think it would make a great addition to my teaching of writing. Of course, I shall reference it by starting with: As Vanda Symon, crime writer says....

Vanda Symon said...

Tania, feel free to use my analogy, but you'll have to buy me a coffee...

Thank you Mary - I've got to enjoy all these moments with the little fellas before they grow into big fellas who don't think it's cool to do holiday stuff with Mum!